Producing A Live Program

In a room no larger than a broom closet, a console, speakers, and a few computer screens sit for a station called 930 KIXX Country. It's 6PM on a Saturday night and I'm just arriving at the station to get ready for tonight's big hockey game.


I arrive, drop my jacket and other things onto the small desk space in the studio. I turn up the volume of the feed going out on the air and open up my email, Twitter feed, log notes and commercial list, as well as Adobe Audition.

I also turn the station from voice track mode (which allows us to mess with the console without messing with what's live on air) into on air mode and set the channels on the console to match up with what I need to use that day.


Our play by play announcer, Brian Rogers, booms over the speakers and checks to see if I'm in the studio. He's presently in Rochester, New York where our home team, the St. John's IceCaps, are facing the Utica Comets in an exhibition game.

We discuss how the commercials will be run and what kind of interviews he has lined up for the intermissions as well as who he's waiting on for more information on the pregame ceremony.


Brian gets back to me about some final details and I give him a final check on his equipment and let him know that we are approximately 7 minutes from pregame show.


The pregame show opener plays on the air, followed by 4 commercials from our regular sponsors. He has a copy of the commercial log as well so he knows what commercial to come in on.


Brian is now live on the air with the pregame show and has a prerecorded interview with the IceCaps captain lined up to discuss tonight's game. After that's done we go to a 60 second commercial break and then it's puck drop.


O Canada plays and then the game begins. For the next 20 minutes I sit attentively, keeping track of the score by using the team's Twitter feed, as well as recording the game on Audition. In the first few minutes of the game we score and I stop the recording. I do a quick cut of where I think the play should begin and then save it for later on. The game continues.


Intermission one begins. The team has scored two goals so far and now Brian enters into his first interview feature for the break.


We return from the interview early because the period will be starting again shortly. Brian finishes up some final remarks and then the game resumes.


After a while of gameplay and a lot of penalty calls, we finally enter the second intermission. Same deal as before. There's an interview, and some remarks about the previous period by Brian.


Third period begins. Teams are tied up. The third period of play goes fairly uneventful. No penalties, but no goals. Looks like we'll be going into overtime.


Overtime begins and the teams are still just skating around on the ice not doing much. A single penalty is called but that's it. I fear it's going to be a shootout game.


As feared earlier, we go into a shootout. These players just don't seem to have anymore energy!!


IceCaps take home the win on this game after a much longer game than normal.


We go into the post game show and play all the goals that I recorded earlier during the game. Brian then talks about the top three players of the game as well as the best player of the game.


Brian says his goodnight spiel with "From all of us here at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester tonight, Jen Hayward of the IceCaps, and Corey Manuel back at 930 KIXX Country, we thank you and wish you a goodnight. The final score in Rochester tonight, IceCaps 4 and Utica 3. You've been listening to the excitement of the American Hockey League with your St. John's IceCaps. Here on the IceCaps Live Broadcast Network."

I turn off the channel and we are cut from live broadcasting. Brian and I talk about how the game went longer than it should've and he thanks me for the work and says he'll talk to me tomorrow when we're in Toronto against the Marlies.


I clean up my work area, turn off the console from on air mode, and set everything back to the way it was. I finally close the door behind me and I'm the last person to leave the building since our newsroom closes at 9PM. I start my day again in the morning at 8AM for another full day of work.