A new take on the variety show

Everyone has seen them, be it on TV or on YouTube. Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Ellen DeGeneres, and many other talk show hosts dominate the web with their fast, fun, and entertaining clips from their shows. So I thought to myself, why not take that kind of fun, and format it for an entirely audio based system?

Thus 'The Dash' was created! Hosted by myself, and with the help of guests who will come onto the show, 'The Dash' will aim to provide entertainment fit for audiences across the globe. With puns, games, and many other silly antics, this show will ultimately be a source of laughter and energy.

Stay tuned to hear more info on this upcoming project!

live and uncut

'The Dash' will air (hopefully on a regular schedule) on a live basis. The show will last anywhere between one hour to two hours depending on the guests or topics on the show. There won't be a time limit set on the show since it will be completely independent.

When the show isn't live, we will have previously recorded episodes aired to ensure 24/7 content.