Cyclones and Cats

Yes... cyclones and cats. That's the future right there!! Nah, I just read something about a cyclone warning and watched some cat videos this morning. So the title is completely irrelevant to the topic of this post which is peanut butter flavoured shoes.

In all honesty that's not it either. I'm feeling rather random today. I might decide to work on something if my mind can handle it (I almost wrote can twice here... should've started doing the cancan) and if I have enough inspiration to even make something.

It's been 84 years... not really it's been like, 2 and a half months since I last made a song start to finish and I have a couple collabs on the go at the moment but because life happens, they are slow cookin. In the meantime I've been working part time, and the other part time of my life I've been at my computer trying to find ways to make something new that hasn't already been done before.

Yay for musicians... having to find new inventive ways to make music that doesn't copy what someone else has already done. For now though if you're wondering, the music page is still under construction because there's some back end stuff and whatnot I need to tend to in order for that to work properly (such as setting up like a million different accounts and passwords and what have you).

I still want to offer commissioned music but I won't make the pricing publicly visible because prices can vary from project to project, and that's where I kind of get hurt the most in the business side of things is when someone asks what the price of something would be and I tell them and they just say, "Oh. I can't afford that." or, "Why is it so expensive?"

SO! From now on I will give quotes on a track by track basis and instead on the music page, you can purchase premade music for 5$ a track (which I think is a decent price seeing as I also have things to pay for in this world... 99 cents is too cheap and 10$ is too much, so I thought I'd meet in the middle).

Anyways gonna cut this... not short here and call it a post. Bye!!! :)

~C <3

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