Image Credit: Alastair McNammera © Copyright 2017

Space. The final frontier. One of the many places that I would like to visit. But for now let’s imagine it!

Born in Canada and living in Ontario, I have many talents and skills that can be utilized in a great manner of ways. One of the best skills I have is in broadcasting. Be it radio or television, I have experience in both.

I’ve previously worked in AM/FM radio for two years while working in online radio for nearly 5. I’ve done a large group of jobs in the AM/FM world, like being a producer, board op, and sometimes even reception! In the online realm though, I’ve hosted countless shows, one of which focusing on my love of orchestral and film score music. I did the math and with that one show alone I did 33 episodes and played more than 50 hours worth of music!! That’s like watching the entire Star Wars series two times!!

In television, I presently work with Rogers TV, producing all sorts of programs. I’ve worked on OHL Hockey mainly doing camera work for the Oshawa Generals. I’ve worked just about every camera that you’d see in the run of a game, getting a feel for all the different angles available to shoot from. On top of that I’ve created my own segments for shows and even hosted entire shows!!

I have many years of broadcast behind me, but also graphic design, social media marketing, and even helping build countless video gaming communities, some of which are still in operation today!!

So get in touch with me to find out what I can do for you. I might just surprise you. :)