composer, broadcasting student,
content creator, and more

Canadian born and currently living in Ontario, Canada, Corey is a man of many talents. He produces music, does graphic design, and even voice acts when he can. He's also a former online radio personality where he's worked in the amateur field for a total of 7 years while working professionally in the AM / FM world for 2 years. Presently he's pursuing further studies in broadcasting at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario.

As a musician he has over 15 years playing experience with piano, and over 8 years of composition experience. All of which without knowledge of how to read or write sheet music. He's composed music for short films, documentaries, and online radio plays.

He's created branding and graphic design packages for countless gaming communities, and has provided marketing and business advice to multiple small businesses and communities. He even helps people who are trying to kickstart their social media pages or websites for their portfolios or small businesses. From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Squarespace, to business cards and logo design, he can help you get your message out there fast and show you how to effectively reach your target audience!

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custom music
voice overs
graphic design
website creation

consultation services

social media / Branding
community startup
live production*

*Production in Radio, Video Streaming, and Stage

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PopXCast Theme Song (May. 16, 2016)

Making Spaghetti (Jan. 18, 2016)

Number (Nov. 1, 2015)

Abandonment (Feb. 2014 - Aug. 2015)
Musical Director

Balloon (Jan. 2015)

A Music Fort (Sept. 1, 2014)

The Composer's Last Symphony (July 1, 2014)

Scotch and Butters (Dec. 2013 - Nov. 2016)
Lead Composer / Webmaster

12 Days of RiMEmas (Dec. 2013)
Composer / Singer

About:Blank (Nov. 2013)

other locations

You can find me in other locations that aren't always listed. I frequently do work for many other people.

Muze Media - Composer / Social Media Consultant

LittleSkitters - Music Provider / Graphic Designer

voice acting

Riot! (Nov, 2014 - Present)
Role of Ms. Lincoln
Composer / Webmaster

Skynetessa (Aug. 16, 2014 - Feb. 2016)
Role of Elis (Season 3)

Things To Know (June 19, 2014)
Role of Narrator

Adventures in RiME (May 2013 - Nov. 2014)
Role of Narrator
Producer / Writer / Editor

other projects

Scorestruck (Oct. 2017 - Present)
Airs on Riot Radio every Thursday Morning at 10AM EST

The Composer's Corner (May 2017 - Present)
Producer / Host

TFM (Oct. 2016 - Jan. 2016)
Online Radio Host

Drumcast (May 10, 2016 - Aug. 2016)
Producer / Host

Curve Radio (Oct. 22, 2015 - Aug. 2016)
Online Radio Host

Radio is Magic Entertainment (Oct. 2012 - Nov. 2014)
Online Radio Host / Imaging Producer


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graphic design


With the use of Squarespace I can create a professional website for you easily.

I also can help you get kickstarted with your community by installing a forum onto your website using SimpleMachines. And the best part is this is an entirely free and open source system. So you don't have to pay anything to upkeep the forum except for server hosting!


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